Missionnary Adventures

At Takodé, strengthen your brother

Published on 29/10/2018

The young people of the french chaplaincy of Bangkok spent a few days at Takodé to celebrate Easter there. The village was deeply pained by the death of a young couple a few months before.

Takodé is a mission village situated in the karen mountain sectors of Maetan. The slope is steep up til the peak of Doy Pepper which culminates on the whole region. Up there, a pagoda swept by the winds gleams in the sun or deatches from the most, depending on whether you are a pilgrim of the evening or of the morning. Then one must follow the path for a few more kilometers to arrive at the village. In these simple houses live endearing families that we know well and visit regularly. At the top of the village, a wooden chapel reminds us of the path of the Gospel, a road of passion and ressurection.

A child of the village of Takodé, Blaija was also a former student of the karen boarding school of Ponoipou. The only daughter among the eight children of the christian chief, she was married for one year, and was pregnant. The young couple were very much in love. Like the houses where several generations lived together, Blaija took care of her sick grandmother. Last year, her grandmother left this earth. The very next night, after a difficult delivery that those close to her could not control, Blaija went to join her ancestors. « Grandmother has taken the life of her grand daughter », we heard that day, in tears.

The tragedy

We are now in october. It is the end of the rainy season, and the roads are impracticable. Blaija is in good health, she has never seen the doctor. The child was to be delivered, as it is oftentimes, at home. They say that Blaija had the intuition to entrust the child to her young husband… A few hours later, the evening turned into a tragedy for the young mother, but her child is safe, it is a little girl. The mountain is in shock. Contacted by a neighbor who climbed to the top to get a phone signal, the karen sisters and myself leave on motorcycle with the catechist and a few young people of the village who came looking for us. Arriving at Takodé, we visit the family and stay close to them. There are many people in the house of the christian chief, crowded with villagers who came to pray and show their compassion.

Oh desolation, the suffering of the family would not end there. One month later, the young husband, inconsolable, puts and end to his life. The parents of Blaija are in disarray. We arrive very quickly. We pray. The family, their faith shaken, seeks answers. So I put Takodé under the double intercession of saint Theresa and Father Jacques Hamel, for love to grow and that there may appear, in the death of Blaija and her wife, the first fruits of the tragedy : prayer, fidelity and support. For it is Blaija who whispers softly to us when appears in the hearts, not the memory of a dark night, but rather the fervor and generosity of those who come together to pray and help.


It is in her memory, and to encourage her family, that I invite the young people of the french chaplaincy to spend a few days at Takodé to celebrate Easter there last April. This visit will bring much comfort to the whole village, I thought…

The encounter was a joy and an exceptional feast for this lost village. Placed in groups of two in the families, the young French discovered the Karen hospitality, the rustic houses, the clearing of the hills, some local games and cuisine, and the embellishing of the chapel. With brushes and talent, the karen children joined them to to decorate some earth vases which are now placed on the prayer altar which now decorate the walls of each house. These vases were offered the night of Easter, while the community met together around a renewed fire.

In this village that was deeply pained a few months before, the pascal candle shined the whole night. The young girl was baptised in this village. Her name, Teresa, is written in the sky, where the shape of a T can be found. Mary, who also has her constellation, protects her. In this village where so many looks have been exchanged, it is Jesus Christ and our Lord who joined theirs, and loved. In this village visited by the missionnaries, the good grain has fell in fertile earth. In this village, I am happy to continue the work of my predecessors  who obey the precept of the Lord : « strengthen your brothers ! »