MEP Ethics Charters

Publié le 13/12/2022

The Paris Foreign Missions Society is involved in several initiatives and takes an active part in various committees as part of a process of accompaniment and transparency. Below please find more information on our different ethics charters: the planet and the Green Church certificate; sexual abuse in the Church; EPAC (Permanent Support Team for MEP Colleagues).



The planet and the Green Church certificate

The Church is going green!


Open to all parishes and local communities, the Green Church certificate aims to encourage a real ecological conversion among Christian actors.

Specifically, this initiative makes it possible to evaluate, support and highlight the commitment of Christian actors in the process itself and then, in the years after obtaining it, the continuation of activities in a process of continuous improvement. It is based on a certified network of committed actors as well as the website:

In 2019 the Paris Foreign Missions Society achieved the Mustard Seed level of the Green Church certificate. The following are some of the measures introduced as part of the ecological conversion and, by so doing, to take care of creation as part of the ‘Laudato Si’ initiative encouraged by Pope Francis:

  • Sorting of waste for recycling
  • Environmentally friendly purchasing policy
  • Cleaning products that are certified with the Green Label
  • Favour local produce when buying fresh food for catering



Why the Green Church Certificate?

  • Because we believe that God reveals himself in his creation, and that he has entrusted it to humankind who must cultivate and take care of it,
  • Because life on earth is a blessing and demonstrates God’s love, and acting to preserve it is a way to love one’s neighbour and act in favour of justice,
  • Because the environmental crisis urges us to hear the cry of the earth ‘groaning in childbirth’ (Romans 8:22)  and, acting in hope, to choose ways of living that prepare for the emergence of a new world now and for the future,
  • Because the people of God can pray and act to bring this hope to the world,
  • Because we know that, by changing ourselves together, we can build a world that is more just and ecological, which is essential for humanity’s survival,



The Paris Foreign Missions is also involved in saving our planet in countries where we have a presence.

For example, Father Yves Moal created a recycling centre more than 20 years ago in Taiwan. See the video about his mission here.

Through our Churches of Asia (EDA) news agency, we broadcast information about many local and national initiatives that are contributing to the creation of this more ecological and just world:

Bangladesh – Article dated 24 September 2020
Barisal : Caritas Bangladesh provides support for agricultural techniques that are adapted to climate change

Japan – Article dated 29 June 2019
Osaka: G20 leaders asked to combat plastic pollution

Sri Lanka – Article dated 10 July 2020
Laudato Si : calls for protection for the Muthurajawela reserve, Sri Lanka’s largest wetlands

Philippines – Article dated 5 September 2020
In Palawan, Christian and Muslim communities unite to clean up coasts

India, Bangladesh, Pakistan – Article dated 8 November 2019
The world’s most polluted cities are in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

India, China – Article dated 21 December 2019
India and China lead global rankings for number of pollution-related deaths




Permanent Support Team for MEP Colleagues (EPAC)

Internal listening committee

In 2020, the Paris Foreign Missions Society created a Permanent Support Team for MEP Colleagues to provide support and accompaniment both during missions and in France. This internal committee is there to listen to colleagues who are experiencing difficulties and to help them find new solutions.

This team is made up of members who are not on the Board and comprise an MEP priest, a GP, a psychologist and a lawyer.




Pastoral conduct ethics charter

This charter is for priests, deacons, seminarians, lay volunteers and all persons involved in pastoral missions with the Paris Foreign Missions Society.

MEP pastoral conduct ethics charter – version of 02/11/2020