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Discerning my vocation

St Théophane Vénard House: one year of spiritual foundation

At Saint Théophane Vénard House, two options are available: a vocational home, to live a year of discovering one’s vocation while pursuing studies or a professional activity, or a year of spiritual foundation, which is a full-time commitment with the  view of entering the seminary the following year. The year is built around three pillars:

  • Life in community andbrotherhood
  • Life of prayer
  • Christian training


Community life

In the same home, young residents form a community in their daily life. This year of discovery of vocation consists of community life, activities, sport, and outings. In the midst of the MEP, they participate in the life of a house which has seen over 4000 missionaries leave for the missions over the past 360 years. They share in the daily life of the missionaries, including those about to leave for the missions, as well as MEP seminarians. They also get to meet many Asian priests living at MEP during their theological studies.


Life of prayer

The days are marked by prayer. Daily Mass, the Liturgy of the Hours and adorations allow for time to be face to face with Christ, to develop a relationship with the Father and be conscious of the working of the Holy Spirit. The setting that MEP offers, especially with the garden, a haven of peace in the heart of Paris, favours personal prayer, and the daily Lectio Divina. A life of regular prayer and the encounter with God through his Word allows a personal relationship to grow with Our Lord and enables us to listen to Him. Three sessions outside are planned during the year, one on the Lectio Divina, a second on prayer, and finally, in May, a retreat for choice of life.


Christian training

This year is designed to be a year of personal and spiritual training. A series of courses and lectures given by missionaries, as well as by religious and outside speakers, enables a foundation to be laid for a Christian life rooted and strengthened in faith. One month living in a L‘Arche community is offered during the year to serve people with disabilities. The training also provides an introduction to  MEP missions in Asia and the Indian Ocean, with the possibility of a missionary experience in Asia.

Aimed at helping with the discovery of one’s vocation, it is a year of spiritual training to enable each young person to deepen his vocation as a human being and a baptized person, to learn to put God at the centre of his life, and to become a missionary disciple.

Who to contact?

Father Bernard de Terves, MEP, is responsible for welcoming anyone who would like to know more about joining the priesthood.

Father Bernard de Terves

+33 (0)1 44 39 10 40


Patricia Crouan

+33 (0)1 44 39 10 40


Prayer for missionary vocations


‘Father, you wanted the MEP Society to work for the evangelization of Asia and the Indian Ocean.

Create numerous vocations for MEP to announce your Son Jesus through preaching the Word and celebrating sacraments, through which you continually renew your children.

Call those who will be the ministers of your mercy to answer the joy of your pardon.

Give us seminarians who are attentive to the inspiration of the Spirit and your Son, and attentive to your teachings.

Support MEP priests so that they may faithfully fulfil their mission in the service of the Gospel.

We ask this through Christ, our Lord.


Mary, Queen of Apostles, pray for us!

Holy MEP Martyrs pray for us!’

Discovering my vocation