Call for testimonial

Publié le 05/03/2024

In 2023, Paris Foreign Missions Society (MEP) mandated the independent UK firm, GCPS Consulting, to carry out an audit on all cases of sexual violence committed by some of its members between 1950 and 2024 and, more generally, about how sexual violence is treated and prevented within the MEP.

In this context, GCPS Consulting auditors are visiting each mission country. For the good of the people and for the completeness of this audit, this call for testimonies is being circulated.

Anyone wishing to provide information on any genuine concerns of sexual violence that may have been committed by any MEP member can contact the GCPS audit team using the following details:

GCPS is the main and preferred communication channel on this topic but, of course, it should not prevent referring to the Justice Department of the country concerned for matters falling within its competence.


Two other communication channels are also available if you feel more comfortable with.