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In 1842, the Foreign Missions Seminary at the rue du Bac received the remains of Pierre Borie, killed 4 years earlier in Vietnam. This event aroused a great deal of emotion, interest and fervour: Pierre Borie had left the seminary in 1830; the circumstances of his death were well-known and had been commented on for a long time. A cult formed around the martyr’s reliquary: it was placed in a room in an upper floor, and it became a custom to spend a few moments there each day. It became something of a rite in the seminary. Come  and find out more.

Missions Etrangères de Paris
128 rue du Bac
75007 Paris

Open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10.00 am. to 12.00 and from 1.00 pm. to 6.00 pm.

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