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“The Church in Vietnam, an older sister of the Church in Asia” from November 24, 2018 to June 29, 2019.

Seen from afar, the Vietnamese Church still evokes the image of persecuted communities, closed and ruined churches, and prohibited vocations.

A catacomb-like Church, marked by several generations of war and communist revolution.

Seen up-close, after having met, from North to South, tens of actors, we can only be struck by the extraordinary vitality today of these communities, which may form the face of an “older Asian sister” of the universal Church.

A specialist of religious news, Frederic Mounier directed the “Religions” service of the daily newspaper “La Croix” of which he was the permanent correspondent in Rome, from 2009 to 2013. Jean-Marie Dufour, a former MEP volunteer in Vietnam, is an independent photographer. He travels regularly to Vietnam for photography projects.


Discovering the history of the Paris Foreign Missions (MEP)


































Come discover the 360 years of the Paris Foreign Missions’ history in this exhibition. During the heart of the winter of 1657-1658, two churchmen, François Pallu and Pierre Lambert de la Motte conduct intense discussions with the cardinals in charge of the matter of missions in Asia. The future of one of the most important missionary reforms the Church has ever known depends on these negotiations.


Permanent Exhibition















In 1842, the Foreign Missions Seminary at the rue du Bac, received the remains of Pierre Borie, killed 4 years earlier in Vietnam. This event aroused much emotion, interest and fervor : Pierre Borie had left the seminary in 1830; the circumstances of his death were well-known and had been commented on for a long time. A cult formed around the martyr’s reliquary: it was placed in a room in an upper floor, and the habit was taken to spend a few moments each day in this place. It became a rite in the seminary. Come discover it in greater detail.



Missions Etrangères de Paris
128 rue du Bac
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Open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10.00 am. to 12.00 and from 1.00 pm. to 6.00 pm.

Free entry, reservations recommended for groups.